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What the %!#$ Do I Do with Cauliflower?

At this very second, I have 1/2 a head of cauliflower sitting in my fridge. I already made buffalo cauliflower with the first 1/2 (while I'm not going to fight that it tastes better than chicken wings, I will argue that it's the tastiest way to eat cauliflower). Now, in my moment of need, I turn to my many, many recipe bookmarks to see what clever cauliflower creations can capture my curiosity this time.

My go-to recipe for cauliflower. Heck, you don't even need this recipe. Self-rising flour and beer make a great batter, and baking works better than frying sometimes. The Serious Eats version gets soggy incredibly quickly. I keep meaning to experiment with a way to make it better, but when the opportunity arises, I'm just too hungry!

The flavor of cream cheese pairs well with cauliflower. Steaming works just as well as boiling, and yogurt will work just as well as sour cream. Simply cut the cauliflower into pieces (they can be quite large), steam, and then combine all the ingredients in a blender. Very easy and very tasty! Note: The original page disappeared, so this is a Wayback Machine link.

I don't yet know which of these recipes is the better one.

I don't yet know which of these recipes is the better one.

I don't yet know which of these recipes is the better one.

Cauliflower makes a good chicken substitute. Tired of cauliflower "wings"? Try Cauliflower Orange "Chicken"!

Same with General Tso's, if you're not feeling the orange chicken vibe.

Throw it in a veggie burger!

Dips with a lot of flavors going on are a good option.

The idea of a cauliflower sandwich is fascinating. The flavors sound like they would meld well, too, in that way of foods that are too veggie-laden to be bad for you, yet too fried to be good for you.

I do have a soft spot for the layered potluck salads. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

A braised cauliflower dish.

Aaah. At last we've arrived at roasting it.

A hybrid of two ideas.

And, finally, throw it on some pasta! You can throw pretty much anything on pasta, and it will be delicious.

Note that there are no recipes for cauliflower "alfredo" on this list. I made it once. It tastes like gross cauliflower puree on pasta. Very vegetal, in a bad way. Also, no cauliflower rice. Cauliflower was not and will never be rice. It was not and will never be bread, either, or chicken, but at least those recipes have other flavors going on. Cauliflower becomes the vehicle for buffalo sauce or General Tso's sauce or copious amounts of caramelized cheese. That's delicious.