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What the %!#$ Do I Do with Pears?

There are lots of recipes for pears out there, ranging in difficulty from midnight snack to "Why did I do this, again?" You can eat them for dinner, dessert or both. They go with meat, they go with other fruits and veggies, or they can stand on their own. I have a newfound appreciation for the fruit I usually only thought of fresh as "not apples" and canned as "not peaches."

Let's start with the easiest: Throw it on a bagel sandwich.

If that pear bagel sandwich doesn't float your boat, how about ANOTHER one?

Pears on pizza!

Pears in grilled cheese!

Keep things simple with braised pears. It uses 6 ingredients, mostly pantry staples. The ingredient count does go to a whopping 7 if you top it with ice cream.

You can also poach the pears using only 5 ingredients.

Remember that grilled cheese sandwich idea from earlier? No? You only remember this recipe? Me, too.

If you have some butternut squash to use up, too, here's a twofer!

Blue cheese and pears is apparently a thing.

See? Between this and the pizza and the salad, I'm starting to wonder why I haven't tried this combo before. I like pears. I adore blue cheese. Sweet. Salty. I see the appeal!

Blue cheese and pear lightning round!


Boom. Both complicated and amazing!

Not blue cheese anymore, but tangy, tangy goat cheese.

Sweet and simple braised pears again!

An easy, easy, easy snack.

A drink to pair with a pear recipe.

I'm getting tired. Why are there so many recipes for pears? Why am I running out of excuses to not use them up?

More pear and cheese on toast, but a different kind of cheese and a different kind of toast!

Feeling adventurous?

Another adventurous possibility!

Pear + cucumber sounds incredibly refreshing.

Pear is also apparently popular in (raw) vegan cheesecakes.

See what I mean? (Note: page went defunct, so Wayback Machine URL used.

For making it all the way to the end, here's your reward: a way to make processing all those pears a little easier.